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Insurance Premium Financing

What Makes Our Premium Finance Company So Different
  • Internet Quoting
  • Internet platform integrated with Applied, AMS and other leading insurance agency management systems.
  • Internet Account Viewing
  • Internet Graphical Reporting
  • On-line Payment Options for you and your insureds
  • Check-by-Fax Service for you and your insureds
  • Flexible Revenue Sharing Options that you control
  • Electronic Transfer of funds to your account
  • Rolling Installment Option

Premium Finance Associates now has the capability to finance "80% EARNED" and "FULLY EARNED FLOOD POLICIES" with ZERO DOWN PAYMENT.
In addition to standard premium financing which offers 25% down payment with 9 equal installments - PFA also offer NON STANDARD premium financing which includes the following with ranges between $5,000.00 - $1,000,000.00.
Premium Finance Associates is not just another premium finance company. We offer more products to help insurance agents GROW THEIR BUSINESS. Can we "EARN YOUR BUSINESS TODAY?"
Premium Finance Associates Testimonials

Thank you for being so hands on and speedy with processing. You guys are by far the BEST financing agency we have ever worked with. - D'Andrea Smith - Golden Insurance Agency - Southfield, MI

I've been working with Premium Finance Associates for almost eight years, and I wouldn't even consider another finance company. Bill Friend and his team do everything they can to ensure that every step of the financing process runs smoothly. It's rare to find a company that not only prides itself in excellent customer service but also consistently delivers every time. PFA's rates are so competitive that I never have to worry about not giving my clients the best possible product. Thank you for making premium financing so easy for me! - Amy L. Walsh - Commercial Lines Manager - Insurance Consultants Group, LLC

It was an absolute pleasure working not only with Oly but with the rest of the team at Premium Finance. If you’re in need a financing this is the place to go. I would absolutely recommend them to a colleague who needs financing. - Matt Moore - Moore Insurance Services

Premium Finance Associates Purpose

We'll show you how premium financing can help companies manage their cash flow. We bring a unique approach to the industry in covering all markets.

Our purpose is to provide superior insurance premium financing services for the property and casualty agent. Insurance premium financing can earn income for agents and maximize cash flow for companies. Our commitment means financing General Liability as well as Workers Compensation, Audits, Assigned Risk and other complex coverages that other companies won't. Premium Finance Associates offers the best premium financing options to agents.

Looking for insurance agency acquisition, agency purchase, insurance agency loans, small business loans, or a restaurant loan?

Premium Finance Associates, LLC specializes in property & casualty insurance policy financing. PFA does not extend personal unsecured loans to individuals.

Insurance Agent Loan

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