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Small Business Cash Advance

Premium Finance Associates through Business Financial Services offers a dynamic program geared toward retail businesses by extending small business loans securitized against daily credit card intake charges. Through our small business loans, we fund short term cash advances up to 9 months in duration. Business Financial Services can advance up to $300,000 and can be released to qualified businesses in as little as ten business days.

Restaurant Loans:
Our loan restaurant program advances cash to restaurants against monthly credit card intake. Restaurants can receive cash advances by using our restuarant loan plan. Many restaurants are advanced capital in our restaurant loan program.

Click on the Guaranteed Small Business Cash Advance icon to the right to complete your confidential application today to secure your financial future for tomorrow.

Insurance Agent Loan

Looking for insurance agency acquisition, agency purchase, insurance loans, agency loans, small business loans, or a restaurant loan? Learn more about our insurance agency loan services »

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