About Premium Finance Associates

Mission Statement

  • To earn the privilege of doing business with our clients through exceptional customer service, innovative products, and use of the latest technology.
  • To create paths of the least resistance for clients via technology and self-sufficiency.
  • To maximize profitability via unique niches and products.
  • To value employee creativeness through scheduled brainstorming meetings.
  • To stay one step ahead our competitors and marketplace through regular client feedback seminars.
  • Expectations from both clients and employees will be clarified. It is important to know what to expect from each party before embarking on a business relationship.

Life Insurance Premium Financing with Premium Finance AssociatesPremium Finance Associates LLC is located in Cleveland, Ohio and is owned by Bill Friend. We represent several national premium finance companies which are licensed in all 50 states. Some of our specialties include:

  • Commercial Property and Casualty
  • Personal Lines
  • Life Insurance Premium Financing
  • Insurance Agency Loans - Secured against renewal income
  • Asset Based Lending
    • Account Receivables Funding - FACTORING
    • Credit Card Sales Financing
    • Hard Money Lending

We also own and operate an asset based lending company, Friend Capital Funding, LLC, which cross markets extensively with Premium Finance Associates LLC. Friend Capital Funding, LLC works with businesses to help improve their cash flow. Some key products include:

  • Account Receivables Funding (Factoring and Receivables)
  • Commercial propertly loans
  • Payroll/Debit Cards
  • Leasing and Sale Leaseback
  • Business Loans - Secured and Unsecured
  • Structured Settlements

Founded in 2002 by Bill Friend, PFA saw the need to offer choice through consultation rather than force a square peg through a round hole. Customer satisfaction is very high since we take the time to understand our agent / broker's needs. Whether your agency finances commercial, personal or life insurance coverage, we have the means and expertise to finance premiums ranging from $500.00 to $5,000,000.00 per policy. Imitated but never duplicated, we are the first to bring you NATIONAL access to the finest insurance premium financing companies in the United States.

Friend Capital Funding, one of our sister companies, offers insurance agent / broker acquisition, perpetuation and growth loans secured primarily off of renewal income. The Friend Companies umbrella provides insurance producers and CSR's the means to increase and diversify their income streams by offering unique financial products to their insured such as equipment leasing and account receivables funding (factoring) - to name a few. If you don't offer these valuable and sought after financial products at the point of closing insurance coverage, someone else will. We are your one stop answer to all your premium financing and asset based lending needs. Call us and see why we are the preferred provider for over 500 Agent/Brokers NATIONWIDE.

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