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May 17, 2014

Premium Finance – Cross Marketing

Premium Financing – Asset Based Lending


Premium Finance Associates and Premium Finance Group offer agents the ability to cross market insurance & finance in three related areas: Property & Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance and Asset Based Lending.

Property & Casualty Insurance – PFA – Premium Finance Associates finances both personal and commercial lines P&C Insurance.  Financing non-standard policies is our niche when the insurance carrier will not offer an installment program.  Traditionally, a down payment with a number of monthly installments are offered the insured to help cash flow.

Life Insurance – PFG accepts the leads from commercial business to offer life insurance products to wealthy owners and management.  Whether single Universal Life for business owners or COLI products for management; PFG can finance the insurance coverage with little or no out of pocket expense to the owner or corporation.

Project Financing – Many business owners are expanding operations or opening new ventures.  When there isn’t a proven asset or cash flow, banks will not lend.  We have specialty lenders that are used in stages that become less expensive as the project gets closer to cash flowing. 

Asset Based Lending - Since 2008, banks have either decreased or eliminated Lines of credit.  This has caused problems for many commercial businesses.  PFA works with many specialty lenders to lend against receivables, property, inventory, equipment & machinery and personal signature.  Receivables financing is our most popular and we can advance up to 90% of an invoice within 24 hours.  This gives manufacturers the capital to purchase the raw materials or finished parts to assemble product. 

In a nut shell, business owners have specific insurance needs that spill over into the financial sector.  PFA and PFG can solve those critical needs by one stop shopping.  We represent several NATIONAL insurance premium finance companies as well as funding sources.  Let us “EARN YOUR BUSINESS” today.

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