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March 13, 2014

Your Partners in Insurance Premium Financing


Premium Finance Group and Premium Finance Associates can help your clients spread the cost of their insurance coverage over a period of time, setting them free from large, up-front premium payments.

Through our strong relationships with agents and brokers in all 50 states, we offer insurance premium financing solutions with competitive terms and rates to businesses and professionals for several areas of non-standard coverage.

Our specialties include:

What is insurance premium financing?

Insurance Premium Financing, sometimes referred to as premium funding, is an option for businesses or individuals in need of non-standard insurance coverage such as commercial and higher risk policies. Unlike standard, lower-risk insurance policies such as home or automobile insurance, which let the insured spread out payments through the year, non-standard policies typically require that you pay your entire premium in one lump sum at binding or within 30 days.

This is where insurance premium financing comes in. A premium financing company lends you or your company the funds to cover the cost of your insurance premium. You sign a premium finance agreement, and the premium finance company pays your insurance premium and bills for the cost of the loan.

Is Premium Finance Associates the right choice for you?

Would you or your clients like to eliminate the need to make a large up-front payment to an insurance company?

Would you like to obtain coverage without liquidating your other assets?

Are you interested in attaching multiple insurance policies to a single premium finance contract, allowing you to have a single payment plan to cover all insurance coverage?

Are you an agent who is tired of insurance carriers changing their policies overnight, leaving you to scramble to find other markets?

Would you like insurance companies to compete for your business?

Because we work with myriad premium financing companies, we are able to custom-fit you with the one that best represents your unique needs.


We are eager to work with you and exceed your expectations. To get started or learn more, please visit us at Premium Finance Associates or Premium Finance Group.

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