Life Insurance Premium Financing

November 1, 2009



PFG – Premium Finance Group, a sister company to Premium Finance Associates, finances life insurance policies for high net worth individuals as well as COLI – Company Owned Life Insurance.  This has become a very attractive option for wealthy individuals as well as corporations in that the policy can be financed with little or “no out of pocket” expense.


Life insurance policies for the wealthy individual can be financed.  Universal insurance policies, unlike term insurance policies, build cash value.  That cash value can be collateralized by funding sources to finance the policy.  The cash surrender value is generally less than the premium paid, so additional collateral is required.  Premium Finance Group is a boutique financial services and consulting firm that specializes in structuring life insurance premium finance transactions. 


Property, securities, annuities and other assets can be utilized or transferred into other instruments acceptable to our unique finding sources to secure the transaction.  We are unique in that we have the expertise to provide case design, premium financing or both to our valued agents or marketing organizations.  PFG is only one of very few organizations offering such valued services. 


Most premium finance “programs” are one dimensional offering little flexibility for the insured over a long period of time.  Many times the insured will find out too late that the design of the life insurance policy will either not work with the financing provided or that the design of the policy was provided only because it fit financing criteria.  Premium Finance Group takes a holistic approach based on what the insured is trying to accomplish.  “We advise based on the needs of the insured, not on how we can fit the insured into a box best fit for premium financing” – says Glenn Aldridge, Director of Financial Strategies.


Premium Finance Group has offices in Chicago, Indianapolis and Cleveland.  If interested in contacting us for a free consultation, please contact us at:


Bill Friend, Dir of Sales & Marketing


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