Life Insurance Premium Financing - Thinking "Out Of The Box"

February 1, 2009

Premium Finance Associates joins forces with AFW Financial Group in offering Life Insurance Premium Finance Solutions

We at AFW are proud to consider ourselves “outside of the box “ thinkers, because our clients come from a broad background  - real estate, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, and others. We certainly treat each as unique, and know that the dozens of service and funding providers we use have different strengths to meet those client’s needs.

Our professionals each have years of experience, quite often in multiple disciplines, that enable them to recognize the needs and requirements of their clients.

We look forward to hearing your own situation and how our work can support your efforts – we look forward to serving you.

Structured Insurance Products have been in existence for decades, and thus have stood the test of time, legal structure, and multiple focus. Some , like COLI (Corporate Owned Life Insurance), have seen specific regulatory criteria set – such as the Pension Protection act of 2006 – that have set the best practices of its structure and use. Our two primary service areas are Premium Finance for individuals and COLI for corporations. We welcome the opportunity to use our combined decades of experience in these areas to bring you the solutions you need to efficiently and effectively build assets on a personal or corporate level.

Funding has grown to be a much more crucial element of finance due to the credit crunch of 2008. We have developed relationships as a result of being in the industry for decades and recognizing quality funding partners that know the value of a well constructed case that meets their criteria. Bringing those relationships to meet your financing needs is one of our many strengths, and we will work diligently to find the best solution to meet your situation.

Financial Services is a broad term, meant to encompass a wide range of financial assets each with it own challenges. Whether the asset is long term  or short term, tax advantaged or not, liquid or illiquid, we will work with you to recognize that a well balanced portfolio is not only in your best interest, but will also enable to more effectively reach your goals. We pride ourselves in working in many functional areas and having the experience to recognize when a reallocation would be in the best interest of our clients.

Please call or email for more information:

Bill Friend, Principal

866.FRIEND.0 (374.3630)

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