Premium Finance Advantages

June 22, 2015


PFA - Premium Finance Associates, LLC has several distinct advantages over average premium finance companies.  Premium finance companies typically offer a deposit payment with 9 installments.  PFA can offer ZERO deposit premium with 9 or 10 monthly installments eliminating a burdensome expense to their CASH FLOW.  Our minimum deposit premium finance option is $5,000 - maximum $500,000.

PFA also offers insurance agency loans for acquisition, perpetuation and capitalization.  The average insurance agent is over 60 years old.  Over 200,000 insurance agencies will be for sale in the next 5-7 years.  We offer financing options ranging from 5-10 years at competitive interest rates with little or no pre payment penalties.  We also offer programs with interest only payments for the first two years.  Our minimum loan is 50,000 with maximum loan over 10,000,000. 

We also offer commission advance programs to agents with 12 month repayment options.  Many agent use this to help when cash flow is tight or to add producers or capital equipment.  Whatever the need, our approval and funding takes 72 hours or less.

Finally, we offer short cash flow loans to insureds in both retail and commercial markets.  Payroll, capital improvements and cash flow can be critical to companies where banks have either decreased or eliminated lines of credit.  Our loans are short term and not tied to invoices.  Typically 12 months or less amortization with 72 hour funding can make the difference between a renewal or bankruptcy.  Sometimes the difference between profitability and bankruptcy can be a short term loan at a critical time. 

PFA - Premium Finance Advantages:

1.      Deposit premium financing - zero down payment.

2.      Insurance Agent Loan for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.

3.      Agency commission advance program.

4.      Insured short term loan program.

When banks say no, we say YES - contact us below and Let Us Earn Your Business !!

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