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January 23, 2010








PFG - Premium Finance Group, sister company to PFA – Premium Finance Associates, has created RED – Real Estate Direct.  RED - Real Estate Direct uses high net worth client’s real estate assets as supplemental collateral for financing traditional life insurance contracts.


In today’s volatile financial market, Real Estate has been a difficult asset to use as DIRECT collateral for life insurance policies.  Competing premium finance companies will get a low LTV loan against the Real Estate and then invest in another financial instrument acceptable to the bank or funding source financing the life insurance policy.  This is time consuming and cumbersome not to mention placing uncertainty on the transaction with all of the moving parts.


RED obtains key financial data of the client, their trust, and/or their business and unlocks the value of real estate holdings to help a client afford traditional premium financing of their life insurance contract.  Analysis is executed on the client’s real estate real estate holdings and RED determines if and how the client’s real estate can serve as the client’s supplemental collateral DIRECTLY for premium finance purposes. 


Unencumbered income producing property with long term leases from credit worthy/substantial tenants is best.  However, there is a wide spectrum from this ideal to raw land and any member within this scope may have value as collateral depending upon the particular case.


To obtain more information or have Premium Finance Group work directly on your premium finance case of 5 million or more in DB involving Real Estate as primary collateral, please contact:


Bill Friend, Dir Sales & Marketing      

PFA -     

PFG -      

FCF -      

7603 First Place Dr., Ste B-12

Cleveland, Oh. 44146


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