Insurance Premium Financing With PFA

Premium financing helps companies manage their cash flow

Markets change - they come and go - business is in an ever changing state of flux. Have you ever used one premium finance company who claimed fame in financing certain markets only to change their strategy over night? What about insurance carriers - have they ever changed policy over night leaving your agency scrambling to find other markets? Most agencies can relate. PFA - Premium Finance Associates was born out of the necessity to have access to multiple markets through one source. Is it best to use your time calling several premium finance companies to finance a particular risk in a pinch - or - call one company with immediate access to ALL MARKETS? Premium Finance Associates offers a web based premium finance platform.

Premium Finance Associates represents several NATIONAL premium finance companies. We take a consultative approach based on the average size premium and the types of coverage financed to fit Agent/Brokers with the best premium finance company in the market place. Some premium finance companies have appetites in financing certain types of insurance coverage with little or no interest in financing others. Why limit your agency to one premium finance company when we can have companies compete for your business? We have access to all markets, can place all coverage, and can customize program business and larger premiums. When other premium finance companies say "NO," we say "YES." Can we "EARN YOUR BUSINESS TODAY?"

Our funding sources can extend insurance agency loans secured against renewal income.

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